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Why Use Managed IT Services?

So, are you wondering why you should choose managed IT services? Reliable IT systems are crucial to the smooth running of your business. Our London leading managed IT services ensure that your systems are stable, protected and compliant. This leaves you to concentrate on your business and also reduces operating costs. Our 4 managed services are all independent so you can choose the combination that suits your business.

Benefits of our London based Managed IT Services

Cost Savings

Managed IT Services reduce your overall IT budget by delivering proactive management as opposed to unpredictable and costly break-fix strategies. Downtime is reduced by ensuring devices are protected, patched and compliant.

Expert Resources

If you need to call IT experts on a regular basis the costs can mount. That’s why we offer unlimited remote support from a team of London experts with a diverse skill set ready to solve any IT problems you have, remotely and without a fuss.

Stress Relief

Dealing with IT issues is time-consuming and at times can be stressful. Knowing your core systems are being proactively monitored and protected and that support is only a click or phone call away gives great peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your business.


All businesses need to ensure that the computers they use are protected against malware attacks. Ensuring every device has malware protection, the latest security updates and a backup is essential, but often overlooked. Our remote management and monitoring service ensures compliance at all times.

Our IT Services Include…

Managed Antivirus

Get enterprise-class protection with Comodo Client Security. Antivirus, firewall, intrusion protection, phishing protection and virus containment. Our systems monitor for compliance day to day, 24/7, ensuring your security is always on and up to date, ensuring your business stays protected and infection free.

£3 per user / per month

Managed Backup

Get Backblaze with Unlimited storage, unlimited file sizes, continuous automated backups, file versioning for 30 days and external drives are supported. Our systems check that your backup is working so you don’t have to. If disaster strikes, let us know and using our cloud services/solution, we can restore your files straight away remotely from our London office, minimizing downtime.

£8 per user / per month

Remote Management and Monitoring

With remote management and monitoring, problems with CPU, RAM and hard disk are sent straight to our service desk so that action can be taken immediately. Once alerted, we can take action to resolve the issue remotely and get you back on track. Furthermore, all computer updates are performed silently ensuring operating systems and third-party programs are always up to date.

£3.50 per user / per month

Unlimited Remote IT Support

Unlimited telephone and remote IT support. Available 9am to 5:30pm. Windows and Mac PC’s. Raise a support ticket right from your desktop and get priority remote IT support to solve your problems quickly and without a fuss.

from £29.00 per user / per mont

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